I’ve just spent the last 5 hours staring deeply into a 30-column, three-sheet spreadsheet which I needed to consolidate prior to importing it into a database. Each sheet had different columns, most of which needed to be included and some which needed to be removed/merged with others to fit the data structure in the db. My eyes hurt!

The worst part? This is all data exported from another database which, if it had been set up correctly, should have closely resembled the one I’m midway through building! Nrrrg. Still – hopefully that’s all the crappy data mangling I need to do, so I can crack on with rebuilding the queries, interface and reports.

The current heatwave that Britain (or at least London) is enjoying [warning: nudity…well, it is The Sun after all] and which has people (like me) unlucky enough to travel by tube suffering was too much to waste last night. So, we grabbed some picnic foods and a couple of beers and settled down in Hyde Park near the statue of Achilles for a while – and very nice it was too, as you’ll see in these pictures [coming soon].


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  1. I actually like that warm, close feeling you get when packed onto a tube train. Especially when some has been so kind as to refrain from using deodorant just so you can get a whiff of Eau Naturel body odour as they shove their sweaty pitt right in your fa

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