Big-screen boozing

What an excellent weekend! Drunken debauchery from me on Friday. Drunken debauchery from Lou on Saturday. Friday consisted of drinks in our local, Hardy’s/The Trafalgar (yet to find a decent weblink for that), followed by excessive drinking and scoffing back at the flat. Saturday we spent watching some new DVDs Lou had snagged in the HMV sale. Being the gent I am, I dived out to the local greasy to pick up a couple of heart-attack-in-a-bun breakfast baps, and some beers to replace the ones I’d drank the night before. Being the lush I am, I then drank the replacement beers while we watched Gangs of New York, and the ace French film Taxi 2.

We then zipped to Clapham Bierodrome to meet Sarah and her friend Amber. A few beers later we wandered to another pub (I forget the name) recommended by one of Lou’s friends – turned out to be well nice, so if I remember where the hell it is…

Finally, on Sunday we finally got to see Matrix:Reloaded. To make up for the late viewing we went to see it in IMAX (better link) at the bfi London IMAX near Waterloo. The film’s a bit on the patchy side, but it looked and sounded AMAZING, so it still gets a thumbs-up when viewed on a giant screen.



  1. Does said ‘debauchery’ include pissing on your own bathroom floor and trying to frame me by handing out free booze? eh you dirty monkey?

  2. Frame you by “handing out free booze”? An unusual tactic, surely…

  3. Piss pants? If you’d pissed in your pants, there wouldn’t have been a puddle on the floor.

    “Lets just watch the end bit….*snore*”
    Nice one.

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