Bloody hard drive. Bought a IBM/Hitachi 180GXP 120Gb harddrive from Savastore a month ago. When I got the drive home, it made a godawful whining noise, so I sent it back and got another one. I’ve tried reseating it, I’ve tried ignoring it, but this ones making a godawful whining noise too and its driving me nuts!

On a brighter note: hopefully the front page bugs should be fixed now. I’ve actually got a proper, full-spec, no buggering about XHTML/CSS2 version of the size almost ready which uses no tables for layout – just have to iron (hammer) out a couple of bugs, and do some x-browser testing. Anyone recommend a good book on CSS? I’ve also updated the Mr Ben section with the new email, changed a few link colours here and there, and added some new bits to the backend to give me decent remote control over the database, and allow me to upload files/images from work (where FTP is blocked, damn them).