Yes I can

Playing Torchwood, however briefly, means you’re no match for me, dear. I pop bubble wrap at 3.39 bubbles per second! I popped 196 bubbles in 57.9 seconds at! Can you beat my score?

Peacock Bar @ Clapham Junction

They were playing Whitney Houston when we first went in the Peacock Bar last night and that’s not good. That’s really not good at all. I’m a placid person but there’s something about the high-pitched warbling, wailing screeches of Whitney Houston and – even worse – Maria Carey that makes me want to start throwing… Continue reading Peacock Bar @ Clapham Junction

Back from home!

So I’m back, after a great week at home with my folks – relaxing in the sun, drinking, eating, catching up with friends, being insulted by family members. Top stuff. Unfortunately no lottery winners in the family either, so I’m back at work today (boo-hiss). I’m also +1 bike! Whilst I didn’t manage to ride… Continue reading Back from home!

Fernandez tours

The best part of the day is between 6 and 9am before it gets too hot to do anything, least of all be moving around. I decided to get up early, take advantage of the hotel’s complimentary breakfast and go in search of a North Goa day excursion from Calangute. I put my most supporting… Continue reading Fernandez tours