Slacking from home

Worked from home yesterday. One of the advantages of my job is that, when necessary, its usually not a problem to work from home. We have a fairly reasonable RAS so its not too difficult, and you have the same level of access you’d have in an office (only slower). Incidentally, no, I didn’t spend the day in bed, playing computer games or aimlessly surfing for pr0n. I was busy, ok? Really busy. With work and everything.

Why? Well, yesterday we took delivery of 2 new sofas. We nearly took delivery of 3 new sofas, but I managed to persuade the delivery guys that the 3rd wouldn’t fit! After a certain amount of argument they agreed to take the unwanted furniture away with them, so sardine-like living conditions were avoided.

And the new sofas? They’re purple (although IKEA claim the colour is lilac) and surprisingly large and comfortable. It’s slob heaven – I’ve not had a comfy sofa to lounge about on since I was a student!


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  1. Work from home eh..?!?!? ;o) put yer feet up on yer new sofas more like….!!!

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