Alien visitation

Well, not so much aliens, although you never know with parents. My parents made the trek from home (ok, so its the pub at the top of the village) – Cleadon Village, near South Shields (beware: nasty “albatross” music – watch your speakers) & Newcastle. With them they brought a pile of food, furniture and computer equipment and once we’d unloaded it all we plied them with alcohol (which ok, they brought too) and took them to the pub, then a local restaurant called Fiorentina.

Saturday took us to the South Bank for a stroll by the water, through the Tate Modern after a quick look at the emporer’s new art, over the wobbly bridge (listen to this bloke: what a numpty – I think “whoops – I’m sorry” would have been a better summary) and past St Paul’s.

The counterpoint to this drunken revelry and cultural tourism was the time spent configuring new PCs for family members. I can’t really grumble though, as I’d probably have spent a similar amount of time fiddling with technology if they hadn’t been there!

So – a top quality weekend and to cap it all, our new DSL connection went live on Friday! This was handy timing, as it meant I could quickly update the newly configured machines with the latest million or so patches from Microsoft. It also means I’ll finally be able to post the pictures from Palm Beach, and finish development of the restaurant section, for which we’ve registered a new domain! More info soon…