Shhhh…quiet everyone!

Mummy’s coming to visit!! That ‘s right, this weekend my folks are finally coming to visit us in London. I’ve leave aside the minor digs about the odd time my Mum’s been in London and not managed to come over [oops!] and carry on, shall I?

They’re lucky actually – compared to our old flat this new one’s a fair bit more pleasant. They can have their own room! With a double bed and everything. I will take great delight in instructing them…

I don’t care what you get up to when I’m not there or in your own house, while you’re under my roof you’ll abide by my rules: no hanky-panky.

Heh, the number of time I’ve heard that (or something like it anyway).

I’m sure my dad will have something to say about the place, or the desk I’ve constructed in the room – he’s something of a reviewer. They’d better be impressed – I spent half of last weekend with either a drill or a tube of Polyfilla in hand, fixing stuff. Plus we’ll have new sofas – I’d send a link but Ikea UK’s fab website has only 5 sofas. 5! Bollocks.