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He’s reported as being ‘relaxed’ and unfailing in his routine: Jogging in the park and breaking for a couple of hours to watch sport on TV at mid-day remain high priorities for George W, despite having declared an illegal war on Iraq. It would seem that Dubbya continues to recognise the importance of staying stress-free and maintaining a clear head. Or hollow.

Finally went to see Bowling For Columbine on Monday night. Amazing. What’s the world (or the USA at least) come to, when you’re moved to tears witnessing a major US supermarket chain agree to stop all handgun ammunition sales ‘within 90 days’ at the request of 2 teenagers, maimed from the Columbine school massacre?!! Unable to get your head around this crazy, blasU attitude? Well, check out the gutter level journalism on this event – it might go some way to explain….(further investigation reveals it’s an American “conservative student monthly”)

On the home-front, Claire Short has proved herself to be a true member of Tony’s party: full of empty promises. At least we can take pride in Robin Cook, whose resignatory speech declaimed Bush’s real and questionable motives for war.

On a lighter note, if you’ve been on another planet and have missed recent Bush v. Iraq events, why not update yourself watching these Bremner, Bird & Fortune video clips?


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  1. Try the link above for System Of A Down’s video, Boom! – an anti war protest song (and a very good video it is too…as linked from

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