More ITV ranting

I shouldn’t watch ITV news – it just winds me up. This evening’s news included such classics as the assault on “Saddam Hussein’s Baghdad”, and possibly the world’s least relevant/least worthy on-the-scene report.

Perhaps I should adopt one Slashdot poster’s view of the situation: a media fast. No tv, no Economist, nothing. Why?

The two items on ITV news I mentioned earlier (and no, I’m not linking to them again – once was enough) really got on my nerves. First the “Saddam’s Baghdad” line. Its like there’s Saddam, a couple of soldiers and 2 million empty buildings!? (I need an interrobang)

The second irritating part of the news (there may have been more – I switched it off) was the “correspondent” on the front lines with the Royal Marines. You’d have expected they would pick someone who knew what they were doing to be that close to the action. Apparently the Marines have come under heavy outgoing fire which, unless one of the spotters has got serious problems, seems unlikely. He then spent the next 5 minutes of report telling us that he couldn’t really tell us anything. No-one was telling him anything. He didn’t know anything. He couldn’t see anything. By the end of the segment I almost felt sorry for the clueless bastard. Almost.