And so it starts

Reading through various news sources this morning on the “War in Iraq”. Edifying.

BBC News has an article about the opening salvos – they suspect US military planners spotted a good opportunistic target and dropped 2000lb bombs on a suburban house in southern Baghdad.

According to United Press, Rand Beers (one of the “bosses” in the War on Terror has resigned. Amusingly, as official spokesmen have all denied that it’s anything to do with the Iraq invasion, UPI seem to be desperate to jump to that conclusion. Will we ever know – not likely, I’d say.

There are so many desperately awful things to say about current events I can’t bring myself to start. The disinformation was has already started in the media (anyone who watched last night’s ITV news would have been subjected to a healthy dose of soldiers with their shirts off. For more info, read Jarhead by Anthony Swofford.

So, fun predictions for the day:

  1. More pictures: ITV & BBC are (at present) using the same wire picture for their news pages.
  2. Broken 2: I’m typing so many “quotes” around “buzzwords”, I suspect I’ll break the key.