Out and about

So instead of spending all day hunched over a keyboard, yesterday a large number of people from work spent the day hunched over garden spades. Why? We had a “corporate community day”, which, translated, means we spent the day doing manual labour for a number of deserving and underfunded projects.

My group spent the day at an adventure playground for disabled kids by Embankment, cleaning, strimming, painting and tidying. It was a fun, if rather tiring day and when we left the site was looking considerably more appealing. I did the spiderman thing and climbed over the roof to clean the guttering, which was full of composted leaves. All good stuff, though I think I must have whacked my knee, as it was pretty weak when I was cycling home.

Things to do this weekend: Help Dione buy a TV; Photography; see if there are 0.20 packages for MythTV/Ubuntu floating around yet; make the damn remote control work for MythTV; abandon the idea of multiple operating systems for working/playing, and just install the various dev environments I have ISOs for, ready for some actual work! *gasp*

Tonight, though, I think its time to grab a glass or two of Maker’s and just…play.