Segmentation fault

I hate those words. Installed 0.20 last night, and had to deal with many segfault errors. Managed to get most of them fixed, and the new packages have XvMC compiled in (yay), which seemingly works (double yay!).


The big draw for 0.20, for me at least, was MythArchive. Which segfaults. Boo, hiss. Still, DivX playback appears to work – the four AVIs I copied over seem to be ok (audio synchronisation issues on a couple, but that can be fixed I’m sure) and look about as good as could be expected, upscaled to 1360×768. And mythimage works, albeit in a slightly clunky way – mythimage is definitely not on par with WMC’s equivalent, which can do zooms and crawls across images. Given that mythimage is using openGL for transitions, I don’t suppose it would be *too* difficult to have each image do a random 5-10% zoom in/out/pan/rotate…but it’s not something I could write, unfortunately.