Goggle (not a typo), Black tower

So, with the new graphics card in place and seemingly running well (although I haven’t really given it a thorough workout yet), this problem is no more. At least the desktop PC part isn’t.

I *also* think I might have more-or-less got the mythbox up and running. Some lingering problems with vga (the Sony tv doesn’t like 1360×768 at anything other than 60Hz, and that has some theoretical issues with PAL playback which the deinterlacing seems to be masking) mean I might yet swap things around and try the putting the 360 back on VGA and the mythbox on the component input, but that can wait.

A new version (0.20) of MythTV has just been released, so I’m considering building that from source. I’m sure there’ll be some Ubuntu debs floating around shortly, but no-one seems to compile packages with XvMC enabled, which I’d like to at least *try*. 0.20 also has a new plugin, MythArchive, which is supposed to simplify the process of exporting recorded content to DVD – which would be very handy…

So, a tentative *woo*. And a quiet, but definite, *yay*.

The tentative part is because, even with the hard drives reorganised, the mythbox power supply is stupidly noisy (for a media centre). Not sure how I’m going to fix this, but I am pretty sure it’s the power supply that’s the problem. I wonder if my old Enermax supply would fix/not freak out at the fan placement?

Hmm. Think I’ll have to check that PSU and see how much noise it makes on its own…