Christmas is coming

…and apparently, for miserable tightwads who can’t be arsed to organise a party for their staff, this year’s excuse is “legal concerns”.

This Register article gives some stats, and also a 10-point plan from OUT-LAW on things to avoid/do/not do to ensure a writ-free party. Go read it, then come back.


Good. I suggest that the 10-point plan could be easily replaced by a 1-point suggestion which would also have positive knock-on effects. Ready for it?

1. Don’t hire fucking morons, you idiot.

Honestly. If you actually need to tell people it’s a bad idea to buy a 2 foot vibrator as a secret santa present, or that getting completely twatted and kicking the MD in the bollocks isn’t a great idea, then you need better staff. Also, don’t have the party in your office. FFS, forget the “they’ll trash the place” argument – who the hell wants to have their christmas party at their desk?


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  1. There’s a comment I could add to this about our own party. And about standing on chairs, and about uncommon drunkenness, and about musical chairs. But I won’t.

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