US press reveals ground breaking, earth shattering NEWS

The British are “notoriously skeptical” and “can be uncomfortable with ambition and disparage people with high aspirations” according to the US media. What a misrepresentation!

One such person with “high aspirations” being David Blaine in his attempt to gain over $1m, all in the philanthropic cause of a learning experience to push new boundaries and understanding for the betterment of mankind. Any Brit watching the broadcast of this talented soul finally leaving his box over the River Thames after 44 days, couldn’t fail to be moved and wipe away a tear or two. Even those who didn’t initially support Mr Blaine must surely have been converted after such a heroic achievement? Those 44 days were well spent on rehearsing and perfecting an exit speech of emotional theatricality to outshine even the most sensitive of Tom-Hanks-accepting-an-award-on-Oscar-night displays. His popularity promises to grow even further once the fees for the police crowd control and ambulance emergency services are deducted from his gains. Unless the egg shortage continues of course.

This, of a nation who is today coming to terms with Paul Burrell’s revelation: that Diana suspected (several months before the plan was realised) that there was a plot to kill her in a car accident. Our lack of skepticism is evident in our sympathy with poor Paul who was too distressed to share this information for over 6 years.

Cynicism? Whatever do they mean?


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  1. re: Blaine. Could it be that, rather than the influence of a class-based society where everyone must “know their place”, some Britons just think that sitting in a box (or freezing yourself in ice, or standing on a tall platform, or cutting off your ear) i

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