Newsnight? News-shite, more like

What an absolute load of crap news programmes are becoming. From this evening’s Newsnight segment on the tube derailment from Friday:

Despite Friday’s derailment, there has been no reduction in Londoners’ desire to travel

Well, wow. THAT’s news. “no reduction in desire to travel”. Of course there hasn’t been a reduction, you jelly-brained incompetent. People still want to travel. They just cant ‘cos the tube is completely borked and the idea of additional bus services is a joke – there’s barely enough space on the roads for the services that are currently running.

Can you imagine this idiot reporting on the war in Iraq? “A substantial reduction in the Iraqi forces’ desire to live” – lots of dead soldiers. Pillock.


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  1. I don’t know how you do the tube day in day out. I was down there last week and it took me three trains to get across the platform and onto one. Even when I got on it I was like a bloody sardine. “What’s the rush???”

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