New access provider/partial host!

Over the last MONTH I’ve been trying to get our ADSL reconnected in the new flat. It seems that keeping the same telephone number produces untold problems for my previous host. After twice ordering a new account online, and twice getting the “everything’s ok” page, but no service (and some rather random emails), and after several fruitless and frustrating phone calls to their customer support, I’ve given up on PIPEX. Which is a shame, really – whilst others have had untold problems, the last year with Pipex as my service provider has been excellent and I’d never had any cause for compaint. But really, I mean – I’ve been a customer for a year, I’m trying to arrange to pay MORE money to them and they won’t help????

So I’m now midway through the connection process with Plusnet, and although the proof of the pudding etc. etc. so far I’m pretty impressed. Just look at the specs:

  • 250Mb cgi/php/mysql-enabled webspace
  • webstats
  • unlimited mailboxes, with catchall
  • Mailing lists (for <100 people I think, but hey...)
  • Fax2Email (not working at the mo’, but…)
  • 512/256 ADSL service (hopefully!)

All this and its only £22!

It seems unlikely, doesn’t it. They also offer uk domains for an additional £1.17/month, which I think we’ll take advantage of. So it looks like the restaurant reviews will get their own URL once it all goes active and I’ve reprogrammed for PHP rather than ASP.

Also mad is how much info is available – they have this query tracking system into which it would seem any actions regarding your account are posted. You can send queries through here and they monitor responses – its quite a change in comparision.

Still – we’ll see once the service is up & running (fingers crossed).



  1. Just wittering matey, just wittering. Still – 22/month is a bargain for broadband!

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