Catching up

It’s been a week of catching up on the drinking front. When I say ‘catching up’, I mean that it was Mistress Shepster’s birthday last week, but as she was running the London Marathon on Sunday, she was unable to partake in a celebratory birthday tipple… so had to celebrate all over again this week, when she could join in too! Last Sunday was a surprisingly beautiful hot day – great for spectating the marathon. Was most disappointed to miss Sarah running though… probably something to do with the 30,000-odd other runners, but here she is shortly afterwards in the pub, looking amazingly recovered and healthy, and of course, wearing her flora medal with pride:

Well, due to a stressful couple of weeks on the attempt to move front (ie. current landlord giving us a bad and untrue reference thus failing us in reference checks for new place / handing over cash to current landlord in exchange for a decent ref / prospective landlord’s suspicions over legitimacy of upgraded ref, etc etc) we decided to take it easy over the easter holiday. Was I the only person on this planet who’d never played on a Play Station? At least that’s been rectified now thanks to PaRappa-The-Rapper.

Last night was another belated birthday celebration: went to Banana Cabaret at
The Bedford Arms in Balham. The best, and funniest, acts were Marion Pashley and John Fothergill (a Yorkshire bird and Geordie bloke, funnily enough…). It’s £13 on the door for an excellent night which includes several hours of stand-up comedy followed by the cheesiest of cheddartastic discos! Pretty tasty food is served too – a big plate of gorgeous thai curry for a fiver even ‘put us on’ ’til going home via the kebab shop…

Happy Easter one and all!

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