Stuff to do over easter

Easter. The time of love, faith and dancing naked through the spring fields. Or stuffing yourself full of chocolate and moaning at the telly (“Moonraker? Again?”) – its up to you. Me, I’ve got plans, exciting plans, and as it’s lunchtime and I’ve stuffed myself full of carbohydrate, I’m going to tell you so I don’t fall asleep.

First up we have do a bit of packing. We’ll be moving house shortly, so its best to start early, don’t you think? All the fun things that need to be done – cancel phone service, cancel DSL service, order phone service, order DSL service, move bank accounts, credit cards and other registrations. Why some people move from house to house without a pressing reason is quite, quite beyond me.

Then there’s the anorak. I need to add a “publish?” option to the mini-CMS that controls the weblog & frontpage. I need to fix a design flaw in the photo galleries that means clicking the “gallery” link when you’re viewing a picture isn’t a great idea. I need to change the <Title> tags sitewide to get rid of the spacing – I’ve decided it looks crap. I have a zillion new photos from a variety of occasions to format, process & upload. I’d like to change the way in which the various photo sections interact with the database – for ease of administration really. I need to write some code to actually make changes to the database, without having to up/download it each time – cos its a faff, and would encourage me to improve my SQL. I have to finish installing Gentoo (see this entry, and note that KDE is in but not tested…) and possibly install Lycoris on Lou’s computer.

Will I do all of these? No. But it’s nice to make lists, isn’t it.



  1. Another couple of things to do:

    1) Fix the date formatting on the weblog pages
    2) Add a date offset to compensate for the server time.

  2. More stuff to do: should have looked at my previous posts a little more closely (see above)

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