Paul Weller – Tee-hee-hee!

Until the 6th December, when the cocky gibbon swaggered past me in the street, I would’ve supported his case in an argument. Now however, I’m amused to see that Paul Weller has been dropped by his record company:

See Evening Standard Thurs 13th March 2003
My Fallen Hero by Tim Lott:
I cannot conceal a slight frisson of satisfaction that Paul Weller has been dropped by his record company. Years ago, when my kid brother, Jack, was nine, he had two heroes – his big brother (me) and The Jam. To his great excitement, he bumped into Paul Weller one day, and asked for his autograph, saying that he might know me (since I worked for a music paper at the time).

“Yeh, I know him,” said Weller, sulkily, to my adoring brother. “Do you like him?”

My brother answered enthusiastically in the affirmative.

“Well I don’t,” said Weller, peremptorily scribbling his name across a Jam album cover. Exit one suitably chastened little boy.

I don’t think Jack ever recovered his innocent image of me after that. But it confirmed my image of his other hero – as an extremely gifted, self-important prat.



  1. Good. Can’t remember the number of times I had to listen to earnest indie-bores banging on about “real music”. Yeah – real 70s music.

    Link: People more annoying than Mick Hucknall – Paul Weller

  2. Now he’s fallen shall we track him down and kick him? It’s all the wanky pretentious dullard desearves after all.

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