Peacock Bar @ Clapham Junction

They were playing Whitney Houston when we first went in the Peacock Bar last night and that’s not good. That’s really not good at all. I’m a placid person but there’s something about the high-pitched warbling, wailing screeches of Whitney Houston and – even worse – Maria Carey that makes me want to start throwing furniture. It sends me over the edge – I have NO tolerance.

Trying to get to the bar for a compensatory drink didn’t help much. From the info and pictures on their website, I expected the Peacock to be quite big. However, it’s a fairly small pub that – at 8:30pm – was already jam-packed full of hen and birthday parties.

On the plus side, entry’s free, it’s open til 2am, it’s a friendly crowd and fun atmosphere, the busy bar staff are great once you get served, and the entertainment is excellent. The burlesque act on at 10pm was very entertaining: Kiki Kaboom mimed along to numbers like I just want to make love to you and performed a ‘Chav act’ with cheeky charisma and humour.



Later on, we sang along with the rat-pack singer and danced with our feather boers (it was straight onto the stage for Showbiz Soopoo of course!)


Overall, I had a top night out in great company. I’ll go back but I won’t rush.

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~ Kiki Kaboom’s Chav act and .


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