Big Brother kindle power

In July, Amazon deleted books bought by kindle users including, ironically, Orwell’s 1984. The books were sold illegally as the publisher didn’t have the rights to produce electronic copies. Amazon have since apologised and given refunds to readers who had books deleted – along with any notes and annotations – from their kindles without their consent.

The Free Software Foundation said that “The real issue here is Amazon’s use of DRM and proprietary software. They have unacceptable power over users, and actual respect necessitates more than an apology – it requires abandoning DRM and releasing the Kindle’s software as free software.” (read The Guardian technology blog).

Sign the Free Software Foundation’s ‘We believe in the freedom to read’ petition at:

On the other hand, how useful would it be – provided you gave consent – to be able to ‘upgrade’ your book to the latest edition, or access revised or corrected versions of content?

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