Not quite finished

So, I acquired a new motherboard for the Mythbox from Mike. Short version: wasn’t the motherboard that was the problem. It was the crappy Antec power supply that had burst its caps (when I removed it, I could see the gunk leaking!).

So, I’ve replaced that with the old Enermax that was powering the mythbox’s innards when it was my desktop pc. Unfortunately, a foolish “apt-get upgrade” seems to have broken quite a bit, so I think it’s time for a rebuild from scratch. Speaking of which…

I’ve just (more-or-less) finished building a new box for Lou. Brief specs: Athlon X2/4200, 1Gb DDR800, Asrock (don’t laugh!) integrated mATX mobo and a little Aspire case, plus two Nova-T DVB cards and a pair of 400Gb Samsung drives. Built off Ubuntu 7.04? (Feisty), it’s been a dream to install so far. Put all the parts in the case one night before bed, then on Friday did the OS install (Feisty x64) and the basic Mythtv install from apt. Saturday afternoon/early evening, did the configuration (once again with help from Garry Parker. Why don’t you have a Paypal link, Garry — I’ve used your various guides so often now I think I could spare a tenner!) and most of the main setup whilst chatting, watching TV and generally enjoying myself. Sunday pm, did the LVM setup for the storage and a couple of bits, and it’s completely finished bar the Xorg config for Lou’s TV and the samba config for her home network. Could’ve easily done it in an afternoon, if I’d actually concentrated.

So – I think a database backup and a wipe/reinstall for my box might be in order. Or, if someone fancies sending me £500, I could build a new one like Lou’s. Anyone?

Right. Off to shoot aliens in Gears of War.