Mythbox sidegrade

My mythbox has been down for a while, as the motherboard is finally dying and emits a piercing shriek at all times when the power is connected. Not fun. Given that I’m loathe to dispose of anything before it’s completely trashed, and also a bit skint, I don’t want to buy completely new hardware.

Handily, Mike at work has an old socket A board (an Asus A7M266) which I’m hopeful should do the job. It’s not quite as all-singing, all-dancing as my Dragon+ is, or was anyway, but if I drop the DVD drive and add pci networking and (please, no) sound, it should still manage the four HDs and the three tuners. I hope. Pretty please.

Not that it was difficult to find or anything, but I’m going to save a URL here, a link to how to move LVM storage to a new machine. I used LVM for my video storage disks so I could have one contiguous storage area which could be expanded as necessary. I’ve got 500Gb split across three disks (reusing old hardware) which is plenty for general TV recording.

One last hope – I’m going to clone the OS partitions to another disk, and then try installing the existing system disk into the newly rebuilt box. It’ll probably die horribly, but if I can get away without redoing all the tweaks I didn’t bother documenting when setting up the box the first place, but which I know took me months to get around to. Still, I suppose it’ll be good practice for setting up Lou’s box…