Bigger penis?

No, not weblog spam. Apparently, in 1,000 years time, the human race will have evolved. We’re all going to be between 6ft and 7ft, good looking, healthy and clever. Men will be broad shouldered, square jawed, deep voices and bigger penises. Women, will be smooth-skinned, glossy-haired, beautiful, with pert breasts and big eyes.

Who says? An evolutionary biologist, that’s who…in a study paid for by “men’s” (aka soft porn) channel Bravo. So basically, we’re all going to be porn stars.




  1. If you think saying penis will activate the web-crawlers and result in more hits to your site, youre well, probably right actually
    Penis! Penis! Penis! Penis! Penis! Penis! Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-nis.

    Glad to hear that women will stil

  2. It’s worth noting that the “evolutionary biologist” works for that well-know centre of biological expertise, the London School of Economics. Hmmm.

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