In the interest of making sure some of this appears on the front page, no hyperlink, but – Tim, El, Beth & I went to Lovebox last weekend.

Lovebox, is a festival held this year at Victoria Park (E. London) organised by Groove Armada. I think. Being honest, the first part of the day was a bit disappointing. Crappy bands, badly laid-out site…plus lots & lots & lots of queuing. Things picked up a bit in the evening, one way or another, and we did a bit of dancing to Groove Armada then zoomed off to see The Bays at the Hackney Empire. Wandering around outside afterward we were invited (or did we invite ourselves?) back to “The Palace” for a bit of an afterparty-afterparty.

Things to remember: kaleidoscope, blueberries, d.i.y. pokemon (gotta collect ’em all), kaleidoscope, glow sticks, kaleidoscope, many hugs, kaleidoscope, sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-clause, DJ Derek! Shame we never found the kaleidoscope.

Things to forget: “You smell”, Hot chip (yawn), ATM queues, “Sangria”, stomachache, Marcellus Wallace, Tim’s hat (oops), the cost (oh…my…god).