Hot or not?

Not-very-shocking revelation: lists are great. I like ’em. So here’s a couple:

Things that work:
My DSL (yay)
DVD playback from the 360 (upscaled joy)
Wet hair on the train
Open plan kitchen = TV while cooking
Electric showers in summer
Having a bed (at last, Lou, at last!)
Sharing your photos (thanks, Meeta)
Major Nelson‘s audioblog
DVD playback from my geriatric Thompson DTH-4500 (much better when placed in 16:9 mode *blush*)

Things that don’t work:
50°C temps on the buses (*ow*)
Disks that won’t play in the 360
Not having aircon in my house
DSL @ 3.5Mb? Huh? Synchs at 8Mb! Boo, hiss.
Open plan kitchen = washing machine in your lounge
Talking to yourself. Bad Keith.
Bank balance after a weekend with Tim & El
Aging PC hardware