BT suck

So, despite ordering phone service on about 20 June, and despite the first person I spoke to (before getting cut off) telling me I could have service from the 1st, the final “service date” for my telephone service at the new flat was 5 July. Which was irritating, but…ok. I could live with that.

This morning, I got a call on my mobile:

“Hi, this is the BT engineer standing outside 32 Reynolds Close, there’s no-one at home”.

“Of course there isn’t,” I said, “I’m at work!”

“Ahh, well I need access to your property.”

Grrr. No-one said anything to me about them needing access to the flat, nor did they give me an appointment time that the engineer would call. The stupid stroppy git who was rude to me when insisting that the earliest date available was the 5th obviously forgot. Bastard.

So when can I have service now? The 14th. Super. And I’ll have to take the afternoon off work. Brilliant.

If it wasn’t for the fact that an equivalent service from Telewest is somehow *more* expensive, I’d be switching to cable.



  1. EEEEEEE The joys of owning your own home………….Congratulations on finally getting on the property ladder mate.

  2. Cheers Phil, but a little premature – still a rental. This time next year, though…could well be a homeowner. At last 😉

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