Myth 3

Going to give it another go this evening whilst watching back-to-back episodes of Wire in the Blood. It seems that Jeremy Teale, the guy behind, has updated the MythTV packages to fix some issues, and (hurrah!) enabled the XvMC compilation options! Must remember to send him a thankyou note if it works tonight…

Still can’t pinpoint exactly what the problem was with the last install – why it all went pear-shaped. I think this time around, I’ll do a full ubuntu install and let it install all the updates it wants before experimenting further with rebuilding the kernel (yawn…).

I wonder if it’s worth giving DistCC a crack? Probably not worth the pain…but kernel compiles on a Celery1200 take…um…about 2 hours.


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  1. Just a note: it didn’t work. And I didn’t have any more time. But time’s a-comin.

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