Catching up

Went for a couple of drinks with Jaylene last night, who Lou & I worked with about…er…three years ago? Four? It was good to catch up, and to hear she’s doing well. And she’s got a truck (a truck! a truck! etc).

One thing I did notice was how a small change to the way someone looks can totally nonplus the brain’s ability to recognise them. In Jay’s case, she’s changed her hair. And it’s not like she’s got a mohawk, or dreads or something, but when I walked in and looked across the bar (late), I wondered who the girl talking with Lou was. And presumed it must be a friend Jay had brought along.

I guess this shouldn’t be so surprising, but at the same time – look at a page of type where letters within the words have been reversed, or printed out of order. You’ll probably be able to read it without difficulty. How come my brain can cope with that, but shuts down on a haircut?