Xbox 360

Yes, ok, I bought one. Eventually. It took a while, to find anywhere which actually had one to buy – most of January, in fact. I wound up getting it mail-order from Comet, of all places!

It’s noisy, it’s big (especially compared to the slimline PS2 my cousin’s just acquired – that’s teeny), it’s bloody hot. And, as I’ve owned neither a PS2 or and Xbox, I’m not really able to judge whether it’s significantly better. I even have a knackered old standard-def TV…


I like it. I’ve bought a few games, but not really played them all properly. PGR3 is excellent – there’s a hundred reviews online if you’re really interested, but it looks great, it sounds great (a geniuine industrial radio station – complete with Puppy and Covenant!), there seems to be some variety within the cars. The simple leaderboard that shows when you finish a race in the solo career, comparing your performance to Xbox live-enabled people around the world is compulsive.

PDZ is fun, and whilst it’s received mixed reviews I’m enjoying it. Sure, the plot’s a kraft cheese slice, and they’ve got a bit carried away with the bump mapping, but it’s entertaining, and will probably be a useful primer on playing FPS-style games with a joypad for me.

Amped has, it seems, not *quite* caught Lou yet (though I still have some hopes) but the mountains are huge, supposedly realistic (it doesn’t model anywhere I’ve been, sadly) and it’s always nice to be able to do a backside 900 somewhere…

It could prove expensive though…I have to buy a new TV 😉