STOP PRESS: People are stupid

Yeah, I know. But sometimes you really wonder just what the hell people are thinking about. Following the bombings/failed bombings/accidental shootings in London, it’s to be expected that people are perhaps a little shook up. A little concerned with safety, security, that sort of thing. It’s also to be expected that the government will take the opportunity to sneak through a few draconian statutes whilst the press aren’t looking and people are less likely to think carefully about it.

But c’mon. The news that, apparently, the British public are happy to ditch civil liberties in exchange for some unspecified “security” is terrifying. Worse yet is that they apparently support deporting relgious figures to…well, any old where – even if they’ll be tortured – and that they’re happy for people to be locked up for months without charge.

Wha? Just remember – removing the checks and balances from the judicial system, eliminating personal privacy, outlawing free thought, free speech and the right to have and communicate a personal opinion: that kind of turns us into…well, into the people we’re protecting ourselves from. Into a police state, perhaps, or at least an oppresive one – a bit similar to the ones we’re not so fond of in the middle east, and in asia.