Off to Ireland this weekend – starting in Dublin, then to county Offaly, to Kinnity Castle for a wedding. Then…well, it all gets a bit vague.

I really fancy visiting a few distilleries – Midleton has potential, but sadly I don’t think we’ll make it to Bushmills, more’s the pity – Bushmills malt is lovely stuff.

Lou really wants to do some activities – paragliding, rock-climbing, hot-air-ballooning. Stuff like that. I’m not sure why…

Perhaps we can do both – if we go to the distillery first, I can bring a bottle…


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  1. My uncle always used to say “Bether be dead than in Offaly” I always thought Offaly was a really nice place to go. Strange thing was my uncle, whilst at a Offaly vs Galway hurling match (in Offaly) had a massive heart attack and died, so maybe there was s

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