First post of 2005…

…and it’s a bit of a statement of intent. Of late I’ve been very slack and posted neither new entries to the diary, or any of the tons’o’stuff waiting to go in the travel section. So before I do anything else, Lou’s photos from India (part 2), some photos of Florida (part 2) and our Christmas ‘boarding holiday in Vail all need to be prepared and uploaded..

However – it’s a new year, I’ve just paid the charming folks at Database Power a chunk of change to renew the hosting for another year (bless ’em, they’ve upgraded some of the specs on my chosen account, so I’ve got space for the new content) and it’s time for change.

First on the menu is a rewrite of the backend, which is still largely based on my early attempts with ASP (albeit with various bits jammed in to handle authentication and suchlike). A clean rewrite of a better CMS is the name of the game: improving the comment system, improving the gallery system, a rewrite of this diary with sms integration (and photoblog), etc. etc. Whether this takes place in ASP, or PHP I’m not sure yet but there are some things I need to add, and others that need to be fixed.

Once that’s working well enough to replicate the current system on the existing site, it’ll be time for a redesign. Who knows, I might even introduce real colour!

2005 is also to be the year that the projects actually get done – lardbutty (food reviews), howtosnowboard (guess), (sorry marc!) and a personal project for a colleague in Florida which might be fun, if difficult to do. Who knows – I might even think of something to put up on!



  1. It’s not like anyone is reading this though. So I wouldn’t worry too much.

  2. Gits. I’d have posted more but since the server move the “add new entry” script is borked…and I haven’t had time to fix it.

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