Lou in india – summary

Blimey, Lou’s gone diary-crazy – all the details of her last India trip are now online. You’ll soon be able to find the full story of both this and her previous trips, plus her photographs at www.theanorak.org/travel/india. In the meantime, there are some photographs from her previous trip at that link, and the (many) weblog entries from the current trip are linked below, in date order. Enjoy!

India Panorama
End of first week in Delhi
End of first week in Delhi part 2
Journey to work – with a difference
“”go-an!”” y’will y’will y’will… (father ted)
South Goa tour
no holiday, no injury…
Monday 30 August – Cavala Resort
thank chuff for William Boyd…
Fernandez tours
Thurs 2 Sep 2004
Shop ’til you drop…
time to go home


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  1. Hmm. Accidentally included a dumbass entry of mine in here: Doo. Still. Think of it as added value: extra free. Yeah.

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