The problem with press conferences…

If you’ve been following the news, you’ll know all about the torture and mayhem occurring in Iraq. Yes, that’s right. To the surprise of at least someone (apparently), British and American squaddies have been torturing their prisoners. Well der. Its not like they’re nobel peace laureats or anything. I mean – what’s the squaddie reputation if not picking on people who can’t fight back?

But…the funniest thing…was Mr Bush and his incredibly PR-driven press conference. My favourite moment?

We don’t treat people like that in America

Well now. You can say what you like about the Bush administration – but you have to admit, he’s telling the truth here. They don’t do that in America. No, no, no.

No – they take people to Cuba to abuse, torture and demean them.


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  1. I’m rather upset I missed the obvious pun: “No, we do it in Iraq.”

    Or possibly, “…there aren’t enough evil foreigners.”

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