Poor Lycos

It looks like Lycos have some problems. During some random surfing I found myself at the Lycos homepage for the first time in…er…well a few years I think. I got the impression that not everything is running smoothly in Lycos-land.

The first clue was their recommended search – it might be a bit pedantic, but…lets just say I enjoyed Eats, Shoots & Leaves.

lykos: sugested serches listed hear

From here I couldn’t help noticing the “Top 50 Bushes” and the link to the Lycos top 50. “Interesting,” I thought (I didn’t get a screenshot of this bit – the “top link” changes on each refresh).

lycos top searches...

I followed the link to the top 50 page – a predictable selection for the most part – and thought I’d follow a couple.

top5 of the lycos top 50

There was a problem. So I tried the most popular search on Lycos, and got to a results page like this one for “Paris Hilton”, “Britney Spears”, “Atkins Diet” and even “Lycos”. Oops

''''search'''' ''results''

Ah well. I suppose they did say the most popular searches – they never mentioned how popular the results were…


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  1. …and it was still down this morning (Monday), although I see its back now.

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