Lies, bloody lies

Don’t you just hate hate HATE the tube?

a not-very-full platformI had to wait at Victoria Station for about 40 minutes last night as the Victoria line platforms were “closed due to overcrowding”. According to the announcements, there were “delays” on the Victoria line due to “operator shortages” – ie there was a train driver ill and no available cover. This happens – well, not so much every year as every week – and its pretty annoying that they consistently fail to manage staffing levels.

Last night was especially irritating. Once on the platform (after a giant scrum at the ticket barriers as there were only 4 or 5 barriers working), I arrived at the platform and was amazed. I waited, and took this first photograph literally seconds before the next train arrived. When I arrived at the platform, it was EMPTY.

This second image is a picture of the train I boarded. Londoners will instantly appreciate that this train is comparatively empty. Yet there are fewer trains running? Normally when the platforms are too full, the trains are…well lets just say I wouldn’t have had enough space to remove my camera from my bag. MY conspiracy glad is working overtime – security precautions courtesy of Mr. Bush’s visit, anyone? Git.

a not-very-full train

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  1. closed due to overcrowding?

    I do hope you’re not suggesting that the inconvenience you experienced was a result of some special treatment being given to Dubya?

    It’s only a 3-day state visit with a few red carpets, banquets and cannon

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