London lights

A lack of electicity can cause severe illness, you know.

London was in absolute mayhem last night when all trains and tubes stopped running due to a power cut. I was on a tube in Green Park station after work, when the underground was evacuated due to an emergency. Well, I say ’emergency’ (to quote Mark Lamar) – it took 3 hours to get the hundreds of commuters outside… ok, minor exaggeration. I was fortunate enough to bump into Shepster amidst the crowds and, as it was raining and all buses were rammed, had to take shelter in Walkers. Two bottles of chenin blanc later we heard that some of the tube services had resumed. Bagging up on more booze from M&S where Shepster entertained the staff by querying the colour of the prawns… hee hee! hic! we began the journey homeward with trepidation. Upon arrival, had a celebratory tipple at the Trafalgar and was home for midnight. That must be the longest it’s ever taken me to travel 6 miles…


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  1. Worran alky. Besides, you were luck! I got stuck in Stockwell (arg!!) and was eventually forced to pub crawl home from Clapham. Actually, that last bit wasn’t too bad.

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