Saving the best ’til last

Last night was Ben’s final night in the UK before returning to Beijing, and what a night!

Had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Wei at last – good work, Ben! ;O) at the Maple Leaf, Covent Garden. If you haven’t yet been, go! This Canadian pub hosts different theme/promotion nights: every Monday being chicken wings night (20p each) and this particular Thursday being a Mexican night: corona and tequila gold @ 4 squid. With moustachio-ed bar staff (in fancy dress of course), visiting DJ’s and 20+ of Ben’s mates, how could a party atmosphere not take hold?

Mike, Lisa and I decided that the pub floor would be put to better use as a dance floor…. crossed with a gymnast’s floor mat… and so the high kicks and forward rolls came to pass… (as did the bruising) until Ben ‘Jamiroquai’ Martin stole the show! Kicking out time came all too quickly, and arguments soon ensued: “If we go to Roadhouse, we’ll say Ben made us!” “If we go to Los Locos, we’ll blame it on Ben!” etc

And so we ended up dancing to Bon Jovi until 3am in Los Locos. To quote the Briggs, “Never have they sounded so good” (?). But then, he didn’t know the difference between Mel and Kim and T.a.t.u. by this point…

The only disappointing part of the night was when neither Ben’s nor my camera worked, so sadly no bleary eyed gurning pictures. Still, it was definitely a night to remember… or at least, the memory won’t fade til my fag burnt wrist heals over!



  1. Lairy buggers, aren’t you. You’ve no idea how narked I am to have missed this. Never mind – next time I’m sure…

  2. We ROCKED………..! (although Im not too sure any sober people in the Maple Leaf would agree).

    Round two on Wednesday…. :ox

  3. Johnny had his six string in hock
    Working all day at the docks(?!)
    He had it so tough

    So tough

    eeewwww eww ewwww eeeeeeew

  4. Gina works the diner all day
    working for her man

    She brings home her pay for love
    for love.

    She says (well drunkenly shouts really): We’ve got to hold on to what we’ve got
    ‘Cause it doesn’t make a difference if we make

  5. Damn you – I could have unleased the barnet!!

    If only they’d played “The Final Countdown” by Europe, it would have been perfect…

  6. We’re leaving together,
    But still it’s farewell
    And maybe we’ll come back,
    To earth, who can tell?
    I guess there is no one to blame
    We’re leaving ground
    Will things ever be the same again?

    It’s the final countdown.

  7. Just when I think we’ve plumbed the depths of your sadness, Mike…

  8. Take or leave us, only please believe us
    We ain’t ever gonna be respectable

    It’s our occupation, we’re a dancing nation
    We keep the pressure on every night
    Explanations are complications
    We don’t need to know the where or wh

  9. Not gonna get us
    They’re not gonna get us
    Not gonna get us
    Not gonna get us

    Starting from here, let’s make a promise
    You and me, let’s just be honest
    We’re gonna run, nothing can stop us
    Even the night that falls a

  10. We could turn this into the Lyrics section of the ANORAK…

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