PALM BEACH: Food update – Sunday

I bet Lou is loving this…food update for day 3 involved a burger in the poolside bar/restaurant – with brie and forest mushrooms. As ever, very nice, and got chatting with the manager who is from York (non-UK residents – York is in the north east of England). She’d recognised my accent as being northern and we talked to her for a few minutes – she’d studied hosp & hotel management at Oxford Brookes uni and started at the Breakers as an intern, then got a permanent job. Nice one! She’d picked up quite an accent – we weren’t sure if she might have been another nutter (I’ll ask Marc to explain).

Evening meal was just outside the hotel, in Tasca?? Not as impressive as previous nights, but we may have been spoiled. I had calamari and a mushroom/mozarella salad. Nice, but uninspiring, and the service was a little….lax, in comparison.

Then took an early night – back to the hotel, channel surfed and did the US TV experience. I’ll write more in depth, but the majority seemed to be largely what I was expecting, which was good for a giggle.

Reading the new Iain Banks novel. Also, I won’t be linking things up from these entries until I return I suspect – no time to make the usual trawl of the web. Hopefully more photos later.



  1. Well….I’m certianly starting to query the ‘Burger in my Room’ violin storey I was told by a *certain* someone now….!!! :rolleyes: :oP

  2. Yes, very strange. Keith and I were enjoying a few drinks basking in the sunlight in a bar called SS Reef, a boardwalk bar on the beach, we were about halfway through our third round when the attractive yet dim barmaid asked if we wanted another drink, to

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