Music & noise

Yet another non-war entry, and isn’t it a scary thing, that it doesn’t seem too strange to be writing the phrase “another non-war entry“. Ick. This one is mostly about music, as I’ve been lying here listening to a variety of internet radio stations. This is where value for money creeps in when you’re paying your £24 a month for 512/256.

Anyways, this evening’s listening has covered a few electronic bases. First up in the evening was Digitally Imported, a trance, hard trance & classical(!) streaming radio station with seemingly squillions of servers. Good stuff if you’re after that sort of thing – I prefer the Hard Trance channel (shoutcast / wmf).

Next on the list was the ever amusing DJ Todd of Real Synthetic Audio. RSA is a half-hour of industrial music, updated once a week. There’s usually a few bits of video lurking on the site, and other things too. I’ve been listening to RSA on and off for almost 3 years now, and mighty fine it is too. Without it, I’d probably not have made such an effort to aquire some Assemblage 23, for example. Also, check out the site design by the enigmatic d canada – whose site is fantastic.

Finally, the first industrial station I came across, when I was working late with no CDs and a fat 2Mb/s leased line more or less to myself – Cyberage Radio. Hosted by Tommy T and based in Alberquerque, New Mexico, Cyberage is broadcast at some ungodly time locally for 4 or 5 hours once each week on KUNM Alberquerque. Amusingly, listening to this weeks (recorded) broadcast, proceedings were interrupted every hour to play headlines from BBC News – presumably a recording or live mix of the webcast, although it could have been from News24 via satellite.

Cyberage prides itself on playing new, underground music. It also plays an awful lot of music from the DSBP label – Diverje, Tommy’s band calls it their home. Its good stuff – the full industrial spectrum.