Birthday, birthday, birthday

Celebrated my birthday with a girls night out on Friday – went to Tiroler Hut at Bayswater, where the service was exceptionally friendly, the food was excellent (as was the weissbier) and I was serenaded an Austrian style ‘happy birthday’ by the restaurant’s one-man-accordian-playing-band! Went on to The Cow pub nearby afterwards, where there’s a wide range of Belgian beers offered.

Saturday was spent creatively experimenting with fruit cocktails (a particular talent of Keith’s) before hitting the Frog and Forget Me Not in Tooting for a few beers and delicious thai curry. Sunday was Heather’s birthday – went to Chutney Marys for a 3 course indian Sunday dinner, followed by an afternoon drinking sesh at the Greene Room, Chelsea. Now, that’s what I call a pretty good weekend!

Here’s a photo from Fri eve at Tiroler Hut: (l-r) me, Janice, Shepster, Heather, Vicky and Poppy.