…is a nice place to go for nosh – in Southwark. Prize find of Friday night had to be the pub whose name I’ve temporarily forgotten. Looked nice enough upstairs to pop in for a drink before food. Once you go downstairs, though, its even better!

Apparently they’re decorating – could have fooled me, I thought it looked really good. Vanilla scented candles (huge ones) on every table, and on other surfaces dotted around the room gave a warm, intimate light. Big comfy chesterfield-type armchairs & sofas, low tables & footstools, super-friendly staff (who, bizarrely, apologised for the decor) and best of all, excellent cocktails.

We liked it.



  1. Weird find was the previous pub we were in – the Lord Nelson. Strange drunken old people shouting “Alright big man” and other gibberish, and then the front door was locked at about 7.30pm??? A sharp exit was called for.

  2. The nice pub was called the William Shakespeare, and the Nelson was “locked up” by 7 – I have been reliably informed!

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