…back to, that is. A shorter week than usual this week. We were doing the family rounds this weekend, visiting Loopie’s folks in Knaresborough. Quite a good weekend really – top highlights:

  • Hannah getting considerably overexcited at pictures of herself
  • I was happy watching me, Grandma – at the suggestion of changing the channel from the “Hannah show” (playback of the the day’s pictures on telly).
  • Watching Loopie doing forward rolls on the dancefloor in DV8…again!
  • Hic…hic…hic…hic…hic…
  • Food at the Mason’s Arms in (wherever – dunno), which was excellent.
  • Amazingly, travel on train services which were no more than 5 minutes late and which were in time for waiting connections!?

You’ll also find a mess of Slovenia snowboard photographs lurking in the travel section – unordered, untitled, but definitely there.


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