Site woes and other stories has been up and down more often than a old man after 10 pints in the last couple of weeks – due to a number of problems. Firstly, the hosting company (ethic internet) unfortunately went into administration. The company which was to take over Ethic’s customers didn’t offer a suitable service, so another host ( was found. This handily coincided with our holiday to Slovenia!

Sooo…now that we’re back from our snowboarding holiday I’ve been trying to sort out the various problems, fix the front page etc. Problems with the database backend and access permissions have meant no updates – we just couldn’t do them – but that seems to be sorted now, so I hope to both clear the existing problems and add a new section (photographs from the Slovenia holiday) this weekend. Look out at some time on Monday and hopefully you’ll see them, plus general site improvements and other bits and bots. Lou’s instructed me that the link colours don’t work, so we’ll be amending that as well.



  1. Should mention that, so far, DBpower seem to be ok (DoS attack last Saturday, about which I got very little info, but…) and I have additional facilities which is nice!

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