Christmas Party – The AFTERMATH

…no, not that one but the official Christmas Party, at the Posh Hotel, Knightsbridge. I think this is best done in summary form:

The Good:
* Free food
* Free booze
* Watching the Briggs schmoozing the lovely ladies…
* Ali G, innit
* Jorge’s face when he was singled out…

The Bad:
* My head this morning
* Getting a taxi 20 feet for £10
* Ignoring the sensible voices and staying later
* Overdressed for a club?
* Russian dancing. Why? Why? Why?

The Ugly:
* The face in the mirror (you too…)



  1. Hey the lovely ladies were asking for it. No begging etc etc. Yet I still managed to wake up with you Keith, stinking of shite.

    You still owe me for the taxi by the way.

  2. You still owe me for the Tequila, carpet cleaning, and having to drag your whingeing arse into work the next day!

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