Top things to do in London, summer 2009

Having the summer off this year, I’m on a mission to tackle my list of things-I-want-to-do- but-never-find-time including plays, exhibitions and sights to visit around London.

On Thursday last week, I took my camera a walk to absorb some City architecture then visited Tracey Emin’s ‘Those Who Suffer Love’ exhibition (somehow intriguing) and the RAA’s summer exhibition (excellent – lost a few hours there).

Later on, at one of my favourite London locations, the South Bank, I saw Richard Bean’s play at the National Theatre England People Very Nice.

It’s a dark comedy about immigration in England over the centuries (told in a rapid journey through history style not dissimilar to Reduced Shakespeare Company productions. While the play raises issues of racism through its racial stereo-type characters and uses foul language to heighten the humour, the audience is ultimately left to conclude that “England people” form a truly heterogeneous society, borne of many nationalities, which continues to diversify.

Entertaining and great value (average ticket prices circa £10) 6.5 / 10