Things you learn *after* the purchase

A quick list of things I’ve learned/things I’ll mean to remember but actually forget next time I’m buying:

1. Not everything that seems to work will actually work. Ask about specifics.
2. You haven’t bought enough white emulsion.
3. Beg/steal/borrow industrial degreaser. Saves time and scrubbing in the kitchen
4. It won’t look better once it’s had a good clean. You’ll just be able to see the damage more.
5. Beware of nail fetishists.
6. Sit on the toilet. Hard to imaging people could get that wrong.
7. If you’re having new carpet fitted, make sure *nothing* is touching the floor when the fitters arrive. Otherwise tears may fall.
8. More white emulsion please.
9. Putting things away “to make it tidy” >> total messy chaos when you need to find things. Put things away when there’s a place for them, not before.
10. If you want more than 10 of a particular item, ask the shop for a special order. Repeat visits <> fun.
11. If the extractor hood is more than slightly dirty, replace it. Cleaning it is gross.
12. Emulsion.
13. When you’re buying gloss paint, be sure you want gloss, and not perhaps “silk”.
14. Dustsheets are rubbish. They don’t keep the dust off the floor. They certainly don’t keep the paint off the floor.
15. Don’t buy your bed from Bensons. It’s not worth the hassle.
16. Don’t watch TV and do electrical wiring at the same time.
17. See point 16.