Cooling the tube: conclusion

In a previous entry, I posted:

Tsk. Anyone see the recent “tube to be cooled by ice” announcements? Prior art, methinks.

I’ve now received a reply…

Dear Mr Fryer

Thank you for your feedback form. The ‘Cooling the Tube’ competition was a scheme run by the Mayor’s office and your application for the prize should be submitted there. Please bear in mind that the closing date for this competition was 12 September 2003 and that there was no eventual winner.

You can contact the Mayor’s office on the details below.

*incredibly long address deleted*

However I would like to point out that the design you proposed on your blog is extremely impractical and would be unworkable in reality.

Please contact me again if you need any further help.

Yours sincerely

*name deleted to protect the legally-bound-to-be-humourless*

Ah well. Worth a go 😉